Space is the Place

איפה: Auditorium at Basis art school, 14 Hamada St., Herzlyia
התחלה: 26/04/17 בשעה 16:00
סיום: 26/04/17 בשעה 22:00
מארגן האירוע: Tohu Magazine

Space is the Place
Afrofuturism, Arabfuturism and the Search for New Dimensions
Tohu Magazine Conference
Wednesday, April 26, 16:00-22:00
Limited Seating
Part 1
16:00 Reception
16:15 Dr Reynaldo Anderson (Harris-Stowe State University, co-editor of Afrofuturism 2.0: The Rise of Astro-Blackness, Lexington Books, 2016)
Dark Speculative Futurity and the Rise of Neo-Nationalism
17:00 Screening: Short films
17:30 Muhammad Jabali (Artist, writer, DJ; Bezalel Art Academy)
Aliens: Beyond Western Christendom
18:15 Arrate Hidalgo (Translator & Associate Editor, Aqueduct Press)
Speculative Queerness: How Science Fiction Ruined my Relationship with the Gender Binary

Part 2
19:20 Yael Messer (Curator, 48mm film festival at Zochrot, the Institute for Public Presence)
Between Nostalgic Utopia and Present Returns
20:00 Screening: Halil Altindere, Space Refugee, 2016. Introduction by Avi Lubin (Co-editor, Tohu Magazine)
20:30 Panel Discussion: Ethno-futurism in the Middle East - Critical Afterthoughts
Dr Reynaldo Anderson, Thalia Hoffman (Artist, PhD candidate at the PhDArt program, The Netherlands), Muhammed Jabali 
Chair: Dr Nadeem Karkabi (Post-doctoral fellow, Martin Buber Society of Fellows; Anthropology and Cultural Studies lecturer, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Editorial Board Member, Tohu Magazine)
21:30 Space Poetry Volume One - DJ Set by Guy Dubious (Osherov), (artist, PHD candidate, Birmingham School of Art, UK)

סוג מחיר כמות
Full day ₪22.00
First half ₪17.00
Second half ₪17.00

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