High Holy Day Seats & Associate Membership 5778

איפה: The Tel Aviv International Synagogue - Beit El
התחלה: 21/09/17 בשעה 18:00
סיום: 31/12/17 בשעה 23:00
מארגן האירוע: מציון - המכון לציונות ומורשת ישראל

PLEASE NOTE: The prices here reflect Tixwise's credit card fees.  

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Regular Membership Benefits include:

  • High Holiday Seats for TLV’s Most Inspirational Services with Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn, “The Chazz” Israel Nachman and Rafi Biton’s Tzeirei Kolot Min HaShamayim Choir!
  • Discounts on Dinners, Concerts and Events!
  • Discounts on Kosher Restaurants, Cafes, Judaica and Beauty Salons!

VIP Membership – Enables you Priority Seating in the TAIS Sanctuary!  You will be able to choose your seat well in advance of the holidays.  Regular Members will be assigned seating or can choose a week before the holiday.

5778 ASSOCIATE MEMBER RATES – NON-RESIDENTS:To donate by credit card:  CLICK HERE or contact Rabbi Ariel at 052-283-8599

Individual Membership: $360 VIP / $200 Regular

Family Membership: $540 VIP / $360 Regular (up to 4 seats**)

Rosh HaShanah OR Yom Kippur Seat ONLY:  $150 (Regular only)

**  Those with Family Membership can purchase additional seats for children for $100 per seat

סוג מחיר כמות
Individual - VIP Membership $372.18
Individual - Membership $207.37
Family - VIP Membership $557.57
Family - Membership $372.18
Additional Child Seat $104.25
Rosh HaShanah - Seat ONLY $155.67
Yom Kippur - Seat ONLY $155.67
Senior Discount $104.25

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